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Natural Health Education

  • Learn about common herbs and their uses for prevention, building immunity, and healing.

  • Learn how to make infusions, tinctures, and other herbal products. 

  • Learn how to sort through the abundance of natural health information and know what is evidence-based.

  • Understand good nutrition and common myths.

  • Learn how to shop for healthy food in Siouxland and find the best resources available.

  • Learn how to read labels on food and find hidden problem causing ingredients.

  • Understand terms such as "organic," "GMO," "MSG," "all natural," "grass fed," "cage free," and others.

Check back to see when a scheduled class is or contact me to set up a private family class!

Make and take class at Guiding Star Orange City. Elderberry Syrup and Olive Leaf Tincture

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