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Birth Support

Birth is one of the most special and exciting times in a family's life! It can also be a time of uncertainty, doubts, and even fear when you don't know what to expect.


Similar to having an event planner, personal trainer, and friend all in one, a birth doula is there to provide you with emotional, physical, and educational support.


She will help you plan for one of the most important events in your life, be there for you to talk to whenever you need, provide educational resources, and support your wants and needs during labor.


She is a comforting touch, soothing voice, cheerleader, and calming presence, when you don't want touch or words, to help you endure through this marathon called labor.


Studies have also shown that having the support of a birth doula can reduce the rate of cesarean section by up to 60%!  Here's a great article explaining more about the benefits:  Evidence For Doulas

The word "Doula" is an ancient Greek word that means "a woman who serves."

Birth Support Package


Initial consultation

1 Prenatal visit in your home

Phone and chat support leading up until labor

On call for labor starting 2 weeks before due date

Continual labor support throughout active labor

1 Postpartum support visit in your home after birth.


Currently only on call for  virtual birth support.

Birth Doula Consultation Only

(2 hours)

Personal birth planning session in your home that may include assistance in preparing your birth plan, answering your specific questions about birth options,  providing educational resources, preparing baby's room, and planning for postpartum.


Payment plans available and gift certificates may be purchased by friends and family to gift you with support!

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