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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Having a baby is one of the biggest events in your life! Plan well with preparation classes customized to meet your individual needs!

You get to choose! Do you need an entire series that covers everything from early pregnancy to the postpartum period and infant care? Or are you already seasoned parents looking for a refresher class to learn the most up to date information and get emotionally prepared for a new birth experience? 


My goal is to serve your needs and provide the best service that fits you, whether you desire a natural birth or have a scheduled cesarean section! My classes are non-biased to support you no matter where you are giving birth or who your provider is!

Personalized education done in the comfort of your home!


My birth preparation series includes many helpful natural birthing tips, as well as training for your partner to  support you during labor.


You will learn how to understand medical terminology and routine procedures to make informed decisions (both hospital birth and home birth options), how to decrease pain in labor and make more space for baby to move into position, good nutrition and health during pregnancy, the development of baby from conception to birth, changes in the body, emotions, special tips for new dads, breastfeeding tips, postpartum care info, infant care, and more!

"Childbirth should be a natural event that occasionally needs medical help instead of being a medical event that occasionally happens naturally."

Kemi Johnson

Giving birth is not a medical condition! It is a very natural process that has been done by women for centuries. It shouldn't be something to be feared, but rather be a joyful time to welcome your baby!


One of the topics we talk about in classes is how to be relaxed during labor. If you are relaxed during labor, scientifically speaking, your labor will be less painful and also possibly shorter! If you have a lot of tension and fear, that can actually inhibit labor and make it more painful!

Natural Childbirth Preparation Class, 2 part class

Learn online with other couples via a live video platform! (2 part class with digital materials.) We cover the stages of the labor process, how to use evidence based information to make decisions regarding common medical interventions, as well as comfort and relaxation techniques with your partner that will help you feel empowered and confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby!



Five Week Childbirth Preparation Series

2.5 hrs each session, 12.5 hours total of education that thoroughly prepares you for birth!

I will come to your home for 5 weeks for personalized childbirth education!

All class options include written materials and email support if you have questions after the class!

This is a unique program that gives you more support than an ordinary birth preparation class and at an affordable investment!


Comfort Techniques in Labor Class

Are you hoping to have a natural, non-medicated birth or want to know how to cope with discomfort? Do you want to know how you can give your baby space in your body to get in the most optimal position for a quicker, less painful birth? Does your partner feel uncertain how to support you? This class is for you! Get ready for a fun, interactive time that will give you the tools and confidence you need to have an awesome labor experience and take the fear out of birthing! Exercise balls, rebozos, positions, stretches, movements, massage, relaxation, the five senses, and emotions are covered in this 2 hour class!

$95 per couple private class

Two Week Mini Series, 2.5 hrs each session (for couples who want either a refresher or just want a shorter class to fit into their busy schedule) 5 hours total education



À La Carte Class

You choose from a list of topics and how many total hours you want, all in the comfort of your home!

​$95/ per 2 hour class


Early Pregnancy Class,  1.5 hours

This is the information you miss out on if you wait until later to start your birth preparation classes! Get started early to have a healthy and happy pregnancy right from the start! Learn natural techniques to control common discomforts! 

Postpartum Natural Care Class, 1.5 hours

Having a baby isn't easy! Prepare now for postpartum with special tips and evidence based information on using herbs and other natural remedies to care for yourself and your new baby and allow you to have an easier transition time with healing, comfort, and more energy! 

Baby Care Class, 2 hours

$95 private individual class

This 2 hour class will help you know what to expect as you start your new journey of motherhood and fatherhood, including:

  • Soothing a crying baby

  • Diaper Options (Cloth and Disposable)

  • Bathing and Hygiene

  • Baby Products--how to choose the best products and save money!

  • Feeding, when to start solids and what

  • How to safely and comfortably carry baby, including babywearing

  • Baby Development

  • Bonding with your baby

Designed by God Childbirth Series   Coming Soon!

*Long distance rates may apply to private class fees if out of metro area.


Enjoy a relaxing 2 hour date with your partner while learning about relaxation techniques for birth and how to prepare the perfect birth plan together! Sparkly non-alcoholic beverage served in a wine glass with choice of desert.   

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