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Lactation Classes

It's quick, convenient wherever you are, the most complete nutrition for baby, and provides protection from many illnesses! Breast milk is liquid gold and worth having all the support you need to be successful! It also gives you and your baby the opportunity to bond in a special way.


Learn how your body works to provide this perfect source of food to your baby, tips for overcoming common breastfeeding challenges, good position and latching, when to feed and for how long, how to know if baby is getting enough, pumping milk, working while breastfeeding, and more!

Private Class: $95 per couple 

Lactation Consultations

$50 per virtual visit and $60 to travel within Sioux City metro

Private appointment to help you troubleshoot your breastfeeding concerns or challenges and work with you to find a solution to have success! This is a great opportunity to get personal care and attention in a clean, comfortable environment without having to take your baby to a doctor's office or hospital! Email follow up included.


Working with Amaris was one of the best decisions I have made yet as a first time mother. I knew that something wasn’t right due to so many struggles we were experiencing with breastfeeding. Six months and many doctor appointments later left me feeling so discouraged, and so alone. I felt like I was screaming and no one could hear me... Until I had a consultation with Amaris. She taught me more in one hour than I had learned in six months of trying to figure things out completely on my own. For the first time since my daughter was born, I felt like someone actually wanted to hear what I had to say, and wanted to help the situation. For the first time, I was given hope that things could improve... and they did. Finally, I feel like I have someone in my corner who is willing to help me be the mom I want to be. Working with Amaris was an investment that gave me priceless results. 

Alexandria (Sioux City, IA)

Fun Fact: Keeping baby skin-to-skin right after birth can increase breastfeeding success by as much as 80%!

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