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About Me

Welcome! My name is Amaris Garcia. I am a Certified Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Doula, Herbalist, Doula Trainer, and Photographer.

I love watching the process of pregnancy and birth unfold in it's amazing uniqueness and intricacy. I still get a tear in my eye sometimes when I watch a baby take its first breath outside the womb. It's a magical moment.


It is such a joy to see the satisfaction on a mother's face when she sees how she can feed her baby from her own body and the look of love in her baby's eyes gazing up at her.

I believe birth and breastfeeding are both natural functions of the body that God perfectly designed the body to do and are beautiful events in a woman's life that provide the opportunity to bond with her baby.


I have experience serving families in diverse situations and have attended both hospital births and home births, including working in a busy hospital as a childbirth educator, doula program manager, and leading various support groups. 


My teaching approach is both evidence-based and holistic, including both the latest medical research and natural, holistic options. The goal of education is to empower parents to make informed choices for themselves.


I believe families should have healthy, joyful, peaceful birth experiences and that a mother knows what is best for her body. 


I will provide you with non-judgmental support on your special journey from the start of pregnancy to caring for your newborn after you give birth, so you will never have to be alone any step of the way! If anything unexpected comes up along the way, I am prepared for that as well!

I can teach you how to bring balance to your body and make more space in your pelvis for your baby, to promote natural labor progression and provide comfort through pregnancy and labor. 


I also offer herbal education for comfort during pregnancy and postpartum with safety always at the center.

I am passionate about helping mothers solve challenges and meet their breastfeeding goals through prenatal classes and private consultations in the comfort of your home after baby arrives! I also have personal experience and success breastfeeding my own children and serving as a local La Leche League Leader. 

I enjoy working with all cultures and am bilingual in Spanish.

It is an honor to serve you during this special time in your life with genuine care for you as an individual or family.


Your pregnancy matters.

Your birth experience matters.

You matter.

Your baby matters. 

If you are interested in certifying to become a doula, please check out


Natural Mother & Baby


The most comprehensive quality private and group birth classes from early pregnancy to newborn care, designed to fit you! I am also pleased to be authorized to offer you Spinning Babies® Parent Classes!

Group and private breastfeeding classes available, along with personal lactation consultations in your home to help you

one-on-one with your baby!

I offer long distance birth coaching, postpartum support, and bereavement support. Choose the package that fits your needs!


Outdoors maternity, family, breastfeeding, babywearing, and pregnancy announcement photos at an affordable price!



"My husband was able to remain calm and focus on helping me relax because she was there supporting him too. Throughout the labor and birthing process, Amaris reminded me of my birth plan wishes, offered calming remedies, helped me keep a level head, and provided on-the-spot evidenced based information when I wasn’t sure which decisions to make. I don’t know what we would have done without her!"

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