Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Learn how to have an easier birth and find comfort in both pregnancy and labor with these special techniques that help baby's position in pelvis!

Less Pain, Natural Progress in Labor!

Comfort in Pregnancy!

Benefits of Spinning Babies Techniques

(taken from www.spinningbabies.com)

  • Back labor eased

  • Breech babies that flip head down

  • Transverse (sideways) babies suddenly turn head down – cesarean canceled!

  • Posterior babies (sunny-side-up) rotate and/or descend

  • First labors occurring regularly in 8 hours or less

  • Cesareans canceled outside the OR; baby already born!

  • More natural births and VBACs around the world!

Balance & Gravity Work Together!

Learn how to do the techniques on www.spinningbabies.com in person!

This class is the only one of its kind in Siouxland! *

$100 per couple

*Only Certified Spinning Babies® Parent Educators are authorized to teach this class. This class is intended for parents, not for birth workers.